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Shevat 4

January 4, 2010 | by

Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yisrael Abuchatzeira, the great Sephardic sage and kabbalist known as the Baba Sali (1889-1984). Born in Morocco, the Baba Sali made aliyah following the creation of the State of Israel, eventually settling in the Negev town of Netivot. There he served as a central address for Jews seeking advice, blessings, and in many cases, miracles. Stories abound of his supernatural abilities -- if someone complained about a physical malady, he would prescribe a spiritual action to rectify it. If he was presented with money as a gift, he could identify if it was earned in a "kosher" way or not. He had elevated beyond the physical to the extent that he would eat only small morsels each day. Today his grave in Netivot is a popular place of pilgrimage and prayer.


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