Defiance: The Astonishing Shofar Blowing During the Spanish Inquisition

In a Barcelona concert hall, one man's insane act of rebellion in 15th century Spain.

CNN’s Dana Bash on Fighting Antisemitism

In an exclusive interview, Dana Bash discusses what she learned researching her CNN special and key lessons she wants to impart.

The Western Wall: The Heart of the World

Some people have hearts of stone, but these stones have the hearts of people.

When King Louis IX Tried to Wipe Out Judaism

King Louis IX had a Jewish problem. They still named a city after him.

Transforming the Pain of Tisha B’Av to Active Responsibility

It is not enough to hope for redemption; we must be the catalyst for it.

The Real Story behind the Spy who Infiltrated Argentina’s Jewish Community

Amazon Prime’s Yosi, the Regretful Spy unmasks the dangerous consequences of irrational antisemitism, and the non-Jewish spy who came to regret his role in the terrorist attacks on Jews.

Did Anne Frank Have Privilege? Do You?

For a Jew, privilege doesn’t mean access, opportunity, or favors. It means responsibility to set an example, to live elevated, meaningful lives.

A Jewish American Tale

Jewish life in America has been fraught with tension between assimilation and maintaining their unique identity.

What Makes Eli Run?

Eli Shkarofsky is running marathons – and winning – while pushing Refael Boyer in a wheelchair.

Placing a Target on American Jews

The Mapping Project is animated by one of the most durable and deadly conspiracy theories in human history.

Holocaust Survivor Reunited with Daughter After 80 Years

Due to the war, Gerda Cole was forced to give up her daughter. The 98-year-old was reunited for the first time with her 80-year-old daughter.

Henry Ford's Virulent Antisemitism

There's a good reason why Hitler regarded the industrialist as his inspiration.

Bradley Cooper’s Fake “Jewish” Nose

A look at the surprising long history of the slur against “Jewish noses.”

10 Big Jewish Inventions

We can thank members of the tribe for many wacky, wonderful, important, life-changing inventions of the past 120 years.

Take Two: Why Pesach Sheini is Significant to Our Family

On that Jewish date in 1945, my late father-in-law, Mr. Yitzchok Yisroel Cohen, was liberated by American forces from Dachau.

Should Jews Support Ukraine?

Despite Ukraine having a Jewish president, some Jews are conflicted about aiding the ongoing crisis due to the complex history of Ukrainian Jewry. Let's unpack the issue.

Rescuing Ladino from the Flames of History

How a language teetering on the brink of extinction represents the faith and fortitude of the Jewish people.

When the State of Israel Was Born: 6 Fascinating Eyewitness Accounts

On Israel’s first Independence Day, May 14, 1948, the country’s Jews were fighting for their lives.

20 Questions about Israel: Take the Quiz

In honor of Israel's 74th Independence Day, test yourself on some less-known facts about Israel's war of independence and learn something new along the way.

Golda Meir: The Girl from Milwaukee who Became Prime Minister

Though some of her five years as prime minister were controversial, her commitment to helping the Jewish people and the State of Israel remain her legacy, earning her a spot as an integral part of Israeli history.

Yemen’s Last Jews

Between forced conversion and emigration, the Jews of Yemen have all but disappeared from the region.

To Remain a Jew: The Untold Story of Luciano Camerino

Betrayed by the Nazis, Luciano Camerino was deported from Rome to Auschwitz where he survived Mengele's horrific experiments. He returned to Italy and rebuilt the Jewish community.

The Development of the "Final Solution"

Dr. David Silberklang provides an overview of what came to be known as the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question", which ended in the murder of some six million Jews.

The Einsatzgruppen and the Beginning of the Systematic Murder

The Einsatzgruppen were special action units known mainly for their role in the systematic murder of the Jews in the Nazi-occupied Soviet territories during the Holocaust.

The Miracle of Israel

Israel’s return to its homeland after 2,000 years of exile - an event completely in the annals of history – is miraculous.

In Egypt, Walking in the Footsteps of the Exodus

Guiding tours to the land of the Pharaohs, I’ve gained an unexpected appreciation for Egyptians – modern and ancient.

Giving Voice to the Stifled Jews of Iran

Shirin lives in constant fear. We met on social media. This is her story.

Rabbi Shteinman, Humble Giant

Serving God and the Jewish people for 104 full years.

Why I Wear My Star of David

A potent mix of defiance, tribute, pride and belonging.

Bambi Was Jewish

A century after it was originally published, the authentic story of Bambi as a parable of antisemitism is coming to light.

Why Is Israel One of the Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World?

Despite the daily dangers, Israelis are remarkably happy. Here’s a Jewish secret to happiness.

Two Ukrainians Discover They’re Sisters while Fleeing to Israel

Valentina and Mariana Varshavky discover they have the same father on their way to Israel.

The Life of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky zt”l

Why did nearly a million people go to this rabbi's funeral?

In Kishinev, Shabbat Among the Exiles

Singing the liturgy with Jewish refugees in Moldova — “Our King, who redeems us from the hands of tyrants” — the words aren’t a memory, but a description.

Harvard Freshmen’s Website is Helping Ukrainian Refugees Find Shelter

Hundreds of refugees have found shelter through the site built by Avi Schiffmann and Marco Burtsein.

Israeli Rescues Ukrainian Grandchildren of Woman who Saved her Family in the Holocaust

Sharon Bass felt it was her obligation to be there for them and close the debt her family owed them.

Harrowing Escape from Ukraine

The action-packed, miraculous escape of Kyiv’s Chief Rabbi.

My Grandmother, a Sephardi Lioness

From Baghdad to Bangalore to Vancouver, I can still hear her desert call in the wind.

Rescuing 100 Jews in Ukraine on Shabbat

Rabbi Nisan Podolsky is rescuing Jews from Ukraine.

Jews in Ukraine Need Your Help

Help provide needed equipment and resources to Jewish soldiers fighting in the Ukraine, and aid to Jews trying to evacuate.

Jewish History in Ukrainian Maps

This brief video provides a survey of the long Jewish presence in the region, framed in the context of maps: political, ethnolinguistic, military and social.

In Ukraine, The Escape Road Not Taken

The Jews of the Ukraine are facing two levels of danger.

L'Chaim Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

Uncovering the deeper meaning behind this iconic Hebrew phrase.

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