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How to Make the Best and Easiest Charoset

March 30, 2022 | by Tamar Genger MA, RD

9 recipes for charoset from around the world.

You can't have a Seder without Charoset. I mean it’s one of only six items on the seder plate and it also happens to be the most delicious. It represents the mortar that the Jews, enslaved in Egypt, used to build and layer bricks. At its core, charoset is a mixture of nuts and fruits chopped into a paste, the perfect spread for your crunchy matzo. Like me, most Ashkenazim (Eastern European) in the U.S. will have made charoset with a mix of apples, walnuts, cinnamon, and super sweet Manischewitz wine (it’s really not the same without it). At the same time, people worldwide have adapted their charoset recipes with the fruits and nuts that are more available in their regions.

Learn more about the meaning behind charoset here.

Charoset is where you can get creative, and no need to stop at just one; my sister-in-law usually makes four kinds! Whether you’re looking to use specific fruits and nuts or need to go nut-free or wine free, you can create fantastic charoset for your seder.

Ashkenazi Charoset

Since Passover is all about tradition, I will always make at least this version of charoset. It’s the one I grew up on and it’s the one everyone demands. You don’t even need a recipe to make it great. Just combine everything and adjust to taste. If you’re looking to make charoset without wine, it works with grape juice.

Syrian Haroset

If you’re looking for charoset made with dates, one that is really pasty and spreadable, this Syrian version is for you.

Moroccan Charoset Balls

Moroccans like to serve their charoset in rolled balls, like the modern nutritious date balls that were all the rage a few years back. Everyone gets their own bite!

Jamaican Charoset

A variation on these Moroccan balls, the Jews of Jamaica also liked to roll their charoset into balls, but they coat theirs in cinnamon. Learn more about a Jew-maican Passover here.

Yemenite Charoset

This charoset is gooey and fragrant with dried Mediterranean fruit. This one can be rolled into balls as well and then dusted with cinnamon and ground almonds.

Indian Jaroset

Wine vinegar and mango go into this Indian style Charoset and makes the Seder classic very similar to a chutney.

Now, for some modern charoset recipes. These are not from other countries or other eras but are made for our modern tastes with unusual flavor pairings, but most importantly, they are nut-free. Since many people have nut allergies these days, we want to ensure no one gets left out of the seder.

Haroset with Pistachios and Pepper

Pear and Chestnut Charoset

Fig and Coconut Charoset

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