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Good With Money: Bob Diener, Co-Founder & President of

October 17, 2021 | by Rabbi Steven Burg

Bob Diener helped revolutionize the travel industry with his groundbreaking website. He is also a passionate philanthropist who believes that successful people are "stewards" of this world who are obligated to leave it in a better state than which they found it.

Bob Diener is the co-founder and President of, and co-founder and past President of After receiving his law degree from Cornell where he was an editor of the Cornell Law Review, Bob practiced securities and corporate law with the firm of Gibson Dunn. As a leading travel industry expert, he is a frequent source for many major news organizations as well as a recurrent guest on many television and radio stations including NBC, CNN and Fox News. Bob has been featured on KGO radio San Francisco every Sunday for years and his articles have been published on sites such as the Harvard Business Review and

He is the author of two books – the Biblical Secrets to Business Success and the Savvy Traveler. Bob taught the Business Practice course at the Cornell Law School and has been a scholar in residence at the University of Florida Entrepreneurship program. He was recently awarded the Alumni Entrepreneur of the year by the University of Florida. He serves on the National Board of Directors of Israel Bonds, Chabad on Campus, Hasbara Fellowships and is a past National Board member of Aipac. Bob lives in Miami with his family and is an avid triathlete and kitesurfer.

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