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Rivka Zahava

Rivka Zahava spends her days as a happy housewife and mother in Tel Tzion, Israel. She is a graduate of Haddassa College of Optometry.

Making the Most out of Bedtime

Practical ways to create warm memories and maximize this special time.

Cheering Our Children

You are your child’s greatest cheerleader.

Don't Scream, Sing!

A text from the Middle Ages yields effective parenting advice.


In the non-kosher deli section, my father taught me that "If it feels good, do it" is a lie.

Tumors are Miracles Too

A tumor? In my little nephew's brain?

Summer Blendin'

Cool and refreshing concoctions.

Gush Katif: Picking Up the Pieces

Four years after the disengagement, many families are still without work.

Mending the Bonds

Prayer is a powerful tool to repair our relationship with God and man.

Care Packages

Did it matter that I was being wrongfully accused? The bond between us was still broken.

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