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Yisrael Rutman

Yisrael Rutman lives in Israel, where he teaches Jewish Studies, edits E-geress.org, and writes for various publications.

The Royal Jew From Swaziland

An accidental encounter with Hebrew alters the destiny of an African prince.

Shifting the Blame

Accepting personal responsibility for our actions is the cornerstone for lasting change.

Why Hope?

We can know with certainty that there will be a better future.

Judaism's Mind-Body Connection

Why are so many hospitals named after Mount Sinai?

At First Sight

What would it be like to be blind all your life, and then be able to see?

Faith and the Economic Slowdown

If people have no faith in God, He will see to it that they will also have no faith in each other.

Generosity and the Jews

Tzedakah is a hallmark of Jewish tradition. You don't need money to do it.

Perseverance: The Gateway to Holiness

Perseverance, the bedrock of Jewish tradition, is the key to spiritual success.

8 Surprising Lessons from the Laws of Chanukah

A closer examination of the laws and customs of Chanukah yields some surprising insights.

Ben Franklin's Loophole

While honesty may be the best policy, there are other policies, like tax evasion, insider trading and phony profits, that are also very good.

Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Instead of a badge of shame, the true meaning of the phrase refers to Jewish valor in the darkest times.

Stones of Wisdom

The Holy Temple's ancient stones - a pathway to wisdom - now lay in ruins.

May "The Place" Comfort You

The traditional Jewish words in comforting a mourner can go to the deepest place.

Killing Mercy

An ailing academic reflects on euthanasia.

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