Jewish Holidays and Celebrating our Enemies’ Destruction - I have a coworker who has some pretty anti-semitic views about a lot of things. I’m not Jewish either but I’ve tried my best to defend the Jews against him. Most of his “claims” are patent nonsense and he probably… More »
Misquoting the Talmud - I recently stumbled on an anti-Semitic website and they had a whole list of Talmud sayings that sound very non-PC. One example was: "It is permitted to marry a 3-year-old girl," which they said means that Judaism condones sexual abuse… More »
Violence against Jews - I shudder from all the terror against Jews – both in Israel and abroad. Synagogues bombed, shootings at Jewish Community Centers. Why would anyone do such a thing? It seems so unfair to single out Jews for this violence. How… More »
Irrational Anti-Semitism - I recently saw that a full-page advertisement honoring four Israeli women (Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch, and some others) was rejected by the editors at Ms. magazine. Why the double-standard of hatred against the Jews? More »
The Holocaust: Why? - The pain and tragedy of the Holocaust is so enormous and unfathomable. Why did it happen? More »
Chosen People – Source of Anti-Semitism? - I’ve often heard the Jews referred to as the “Chosen People.” Isn’t that possibly the source of much of the anti-Semitism in the world? More »
Golem - I recently visited Israel and stayed at the home of distant cousins. We were playing basketball and one kid said to another: "Don't just stand there like a golem - do something!" I'd heard about the idea of a Golem… More »
Wiping Out Amalek - All humanity recoils at the horror of the Holocaust, the calculated Nazi policy to wipe out every Jewish man, woman and child. But how do you respond to someone who says: "Isn’t it hypocritical to decry what the Nazis did,… More »
Jewish Power - Before he responded to Joseph's invitation to transplant the entire Jewish family to Egypt and avoid the suffering of the hunger years, Jacob went to Be'er Sheba to ask for God's permission to leave the Holy Land. The following passage… More »
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