Reproduction, Pregnancy

Abortion - Yes Or No? – I never thought this would happen to me. I'm pregnant. And now I don't know what to do. I realize this is an important decision – not only for my own emotional well-being, but the heavy moral implications as well.… More »
Adoption – We are looking to adopt a Jewish child, preferably a baby (as yet unborn). Can you help us find one in Israel, possibly an out-of-wedlock situation. It would be a real mitzvah for all concerned. We have excellent references within… More »
Announcing a Pregnancy – I just found out recently that I am expecting. As an only child, I am anxious to tell my parents of the upcoming good news. However, I know people often wait a few months first. Is there any such requirement… More »


What's In A Name? – I had already performed the circumcision, bris milah, on the eight-day-old infant; the prayers entering the child into the Covenant of Abraham had been recited and now the long-anticipated moment had arrived -- the name of the new infant was… More »
Adopted Children – Parents’ Names – I was not raised by my biological parents and was adopted as a baby. For my Jewish name, am I considered the son of (“ben”) my biological parents or my adoptive ones? I’m very close to the latter and feel… More »
Baby Girls – I just got back from the hospital where my wife gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl! My question is: If it had been a boy, I know we would given the name at his Bris. But in this case,… More »

Brit Milah (Circumcision)

Honors Extended at Bris Milah – Wow, I am reeling. My wife just gave birth to a baby boy. Bris next week! We want to invite all our family and friends, and distribute honors so they can participate. Do you have a list? More »
Is Adult Circumcision Necessary? – I am a Russian immigrant living in New York. I never had a circumcision, because back in those days the Soviets made it illegal. Now at age 40, I am wondering if it’s even necessary for me to have one.… More »

Pidyon HaBen

Pidyon HaBen After Miscarriage – I am a firstborn son, but my mother had a miscarriage before me. My family wasn’t aware of the mitzvah of redeeming the firstborn when I grew up. Should I have it done today? More »
Pidyon HaBen – No Father, Non-Jewish Father – I have a firstborn four-year-old son who would seem to qualify for the mitzvah of pidyon haben. He unfortunately was not redeemed as a baby since neither I nor my non-Jewish ex-husband knew anything about the obligation. There is now… More »
Redeeming First Born – We have a new baby boy and I heard something about having to "buy him back from a kohen." What do I have to do – and how much is this going to cost? More »

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