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A Yiddishe Cop

September 17, 2009 | by

On their way to work every morning, Zalman and Kalman walk by a church. One day Zalman points to an enormous sign on the church entrance that says, "A Half Million Dollars to Any Jew who Converts to Christianity."

Zalman says, "Pretty good deal… but it's just not for us." Kalman says nothing.

They walk by the sign every day for weeks. Same thing, every morning. Zalman says, "Good deal… but it's just not for us" and Kalman says nothing.

One Friday morning, Kalman says, "I've been thinking about it. It is a pretty good deal. I want to take them up on it."

The next Monday morning on their walk to work, Zalman says to Kalman, "So nu? Did you get the half million dollars?"

Kalman looks at Zalman and says, "You people! All you think about is money!"


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