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The Fertility Prayer

July 23, 2009 | by


Rabbi Bloom meets the latest members to join his shul -- Harry and Kitty Feltz. He shakes their hands in a very friendly and warm manner, then asks, "So Kitty, how many children do you have?"

"Sadly, rabbi," replies Kitty, "we are not yet blessed with any children."

"I'm sorry to hear this," says Rabbi Bloom. "God works in many mysterious ways so let me help you. Let me write down your names on this piece of paper and I'll get it placed in the Kotel (Western Wall) for a special blessing."

"Thank you very much, rabbi," they say.

Not too many years later, Rabbi Bloom meets Kitty in the street and remembering their last meeting asks her, "So how is your family, Kitty? How many children do you have?"

"Well rabbi, your prayers for us were answered. We are now blessed with 11 children. We have one pair of twins and three sets of triplets."

"Mazel tov Kitty," says Rabbi Bloom. "I'm very pleased to hear that things have worked out so well for you. I would also like to wish your husband mazel tov, but I don't see him here. Where is he?"

"He's currently in Jerusalem, rabbi," replies Kitty.

"Oy, how nice," says Rabbi Bloom. "So tell me, what's he doing there? Is he on business?"

"No, he's not there on business, rabbi. He left home with a pair of scissors and he said that he's going to find that note you had placed in the wall five years ago." Kitty replies.

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