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Staying Focused in Prayer

May 26, 2009 | by

Prayer has tremendous potential for spiritual elevation and intense pleasure. How tragic that such a great opportunity is sometimes regarded as a boring chore!

On one extreme, some people think that the object of prayer is to just rattle off words. On the other extreme, some people try so hard to pray properly that they become very tense and nervous.

The way to have an elevating prayer experience is to calmly recite the words, while keeping in mind that you are speaking to the Omniscient Creator of the Universe. Whenever an external thought comes into your mind, gently return your focus to what you were saying in your prayers. You need not fight other thoughts - just ignore them, and once again concentrate on the words of the prayers you are reciting. If the thoughts that come up concern a practical problem that must be dealt with, set a time later in the day when you will address that matter.

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