Color Blind

August 18, 2011 | by

I understand that every phenomenon in our physical world has a corresponding message in the metaphysical world. Could you please tell me why some people are color blind, and what this indicates in a spiritual sense?

The Aish Rabbi Replies

In terms of observing the mitzvot, there is no major difference between a color blind person and one who with normal vision. The color blind person is obligated in all mitzvot, and is merely restricted in certain details. For example:

• He cannot check for different colors in the letters of a Torah scroll, tefillin and mezuzot.

• He is restricted in selecting the four species for Sukkot, since there are some color disqualifications he may not be able to discern.

• He would not be able to check certain matters of family purity.

As for the deep metaphysical, the "Zohar," the main book of Jewish mysticism, speaks about three eye colorings and their esoteric meaning. Interestingly, one of the most successful theories of color vision is the "Trichromatic Theory," which postulates three types of color receptors in the eye.

(Sources: "Zohar" - Raya Mehemna III Ekev; "Human Color Vision" by Robert M. Boynton)


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