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Money for Israel

May 29, 2014 | by

A non-Jewish fellow named Brett walked into a Jewish bakery and smelled the fine smell of challah baking and couldn’t resist and had to have one. He brought it up to the cash register.

“Ninety five dollars,” said the attendant.

“Ninety five dollars!” Brett replied, flabbergasted. “How can that be?”

“Five dollars goes for the challah and ninety dollars goes to support Israel,” the attendant replied.

Not wanting to look like he didn’t support Israel and desperate to try the challah, Brett agreed.

The next week Brett was passing the bakery again and couldn’t help himself and came in. He saw a bobka that looked particularly appealing and the challah had been so good, he took it up to the cash register.

“Two hundred and twenty five dollars,” said the attendant.

“Two hundred and twenty five dollars?!” Brett replied. “You must be joking!”

“Five dollars for the bobka and two hundred and twenty goes to Israel.”

“But I just want the bobka,” Brett replied. “If I want to give money to Israel, that should be my choice.”

“If you don’t want to support Israel, we don’t want your business,” replied the attendant.

Brett was in a jam, he of course did support Israel…and he really wanted that bobka…so he paid the money. And it was worth it.

The next week Brett was walking by the bakery again, and while he should have known better, he walked in and this time his eyes locked in on the most delicious looking rugelach he had ever seen. He ordered a dozen and went to the cash register.

“Four hundred and fifty dollars,” said the attendant.


“Five dollars for the rugelach and four hundred and forty five dollars for Israel,” replied the attendant. “Listen to what you are saying!” said Brett. “It doesn’t make any sense. How do you even stay in business?” “That’s the way we do things. If you don’t like it, you can leave,” said the attendant. “I want to talk to the manager. This is crazy,” said Brett. “Have it your way,” said the attendant. “Israel, this guy here wants to talk to you!”


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