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Benny says Good Bye

October 24, 2013 | by

Benny is close to death and knows it. He's in bed in his local hospital and around the bed are his wife Sadie, his son Morris, his daughters Leah and Fay, and his nurse Christine.

Suddenly, and with a weak voice, Benny starts talking to his family.

"Morris, I want you to take the apartments over on Broadway." "Leah, I want you to take the group of houses at the bottom of Main Street."

"Fay, I want you to take the kosher restaurants in the neighborhood."

"And Sadie, my dear lovely wife who has been so good to me all my life, please take the houses around the Jewish community center. "

Christine the nurse is shocked when she hears of all this property, and as Benny slowly slips away, she quietly says to Sadie, "Your husband must have been an extremely hard working and successful business man."

"Why do you say this?" asks Sadie.

“Because he has accumulated so much property," replies Christine.

"Property shmoperty," says Sadie, "The schnook is talking about his paper route."

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