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Three Stores

January 7, 2016 | by

A landlord in Brooklyn has three shops in a row, all for rent. The first prospective tenant shows up, and says he wants to rent the shop on the left.

The landlord says, "Fine, what kind of shop do you have?" The guy says, "A men's wear shop." The owner tells him he gets free signage and asks what he wants on the sign. "Men's Wear," says the man.

A second guy comes along and wants to rent the right hand shop. When asked he says he wants "Men's Wear" on his sign. The landlord tells him that the left hand shop will be the same. "No problem," says the man.

Finally a little Jewish fellow named Moishe Applebaum comes along to rent the middle shop. The landlord is most concerned because this guy also has a men's wear shop. The landlord asks him what he wants on his sign. Moishe replies: "Entrance."

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