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Employment Insurance

December 1, 2011 | by

Moshe has recently graduated from Harvard University and is now ready to start applying for some jobs in New York’s financial sector. But he feels that he needs to dress in the appropriate Wall Street style. So he goes to his father and says, "Dad, I need some money."

"What! More money yet?" says his father. "What do you think you need money for this time?"

"I need to buy an Italian made pin-stripe suit for my interviews," replies Moshe.

"And how much is that Italian suit going to cost me?" asks his father.

"If I had to guess, $1500 at least" replies Moshe.

Moshe’s father goes red in the face, and almost gagging replies, “$1500?! Why, I've bought cars in the past for less than $1500."

"That's exactly why I need a good quality suit dad," replies Moshe. "I need to make sure that I will never have to drive a $1500 car."


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