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Rabbi Yisroel Gelber

Rabbi Yisroel Gelber, MS is co-founder of BD Health Services, Inc., a substance abuse facility in Maryland.  He is also a teacher at Yeshivas Toras HaLev: Maalot For Men, Bnos Yisroel High School, and is the founder of Chavrusamatch.com.

Finding the Joy of Tisha B’Av

Why is the saddest day of the Jewish year called a “festival”?

A Letter to My Beloved on Tisha B’Av

I desperately yearn for the day we can reconcile and rebuild our home.

Falling in Love in Elul

What's love got to do with it?

Starbucks and Tisha B'Av

Taking the risk for greatness.

Michael Jackson and Self Love

Why do those who have it all so often lose it all?

Mel's Teshuva, and Ours

Owning up to our mistakes, without the excuses.

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