Tallit & Tzitzit

Blue Tallit Stripes – Why is a particular blue color associated with Judaism? For example the Israeli flag, and the stripes on the tallit. More »
Blue Techelet Thread – I was in Israel recently and saw some religious men wearing tzitzit strings with a blue thread. I thought the strings were supposed to be white. What was this blue? More »
Cutting Tzitzit Strings – I just tied my own tzitzit, but some of the strings came out much too long. Is there anything wrong with just cutting them down with a pair of scissors? More »


Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin – I had recently brought in my Tefillin to be checked. For those few days that I didn’t have them, I wore an old pair in the house which used to be my grandfather’s. They are Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin. Afterwards, someone… More »
Rashi's Daughters – Is it true that Rashi's daughters wore Tefillin? If so, what is the source? Why could those women wear them and other women not? More »
Tefillin on Chol HaMo'ed – Do we wear Tefillin on Chol HaMo’ed (the intermediate days of the major festivals)? More »


Kippah for a Non-Jew – I have a few Jewish friends who wear kippahs and sometimes when I'm hanging out with them I feel out of place. Even though I am not Jewish, would there be any problem with me wearing a kippah, too? More »
Kippah – Source of Obligation – Where does the Torah say that a Jewish man must wear a kippah? More »


Clothing on Rosh Hashanah – This year I will be attending my first Rosh Hashanah service. Is there anything I need to know about particular clothes to wear? More »
Clothing on Yom Kippur – What color clothing should be worn on Yom Kippur? And Why? More »
Men's and Women's Clothing – I was in a vintage clothing store and saw a great shirt that looked comfortable. I was about to buy it and the salesperson said, "Is this for you? You know, this is a woman's blouse." I was surprised, and… More »

Mezuzah & the Home

Chanukat HaBayit – We just bought our first home and will be moving in another few weeks. We wanted to make a house-warming party. Is there anything like this in Jewish tradition? More »
Hamsa – I received a gift from an Israeli friend. It is a beautiful mosaic Hamsa, or Miriam's Hand. I am interested in the Hebrew prayer that appears on the back of it. I am wondering if there is an English or… More »
Mezuzah – College Dorm – I’m moving into a college dorm very soon and would like to know if the room requires a mezuzah. I don’t know in advance who all my roommates will be, or if they will all be Jewish. More »

Tattoos & Cosmetic Surgery

Body Piercing – Everybody in my high school is getting their body parts pierced. I think some of the piercing is attractive – like multiple earrings or the navel. But some of them are gross – studs in the tongue or pierced eyebrows.… More »
Fingernails – I know that Judaism has something to say about every aspect of existence and our lives. But I never imagined there was something to know about fingernails, until my friend said there is a specific order to cut them. What’s… More »
Tattoo: Burial in Jewish Cemetery? – I have a tattoo from my younger days, which I now very much regret. I am debating whether to undergo laser removal surgery, and one of my considerations is whether the tattoo will prevent me from (eventually) being buried in… More »

Shaving & Haircuts

Electric Shavers – I am becoming more observant and am now ready to “tackle” the mitzvah of not shaving the beard with a razor. Can you give me some guidelines for how this works, and what my options are? More »
Peyos - Sidelocks – What is the meaning of the long curls worn by religious Jewish men? More »


Are Jews Against Whistling? – I see a lot of Orthodox Jews object to whistling. Do you know any reason why? More »
Dinosaurs – A new Bible museum has opened in the U.S. which portrays a world that once included dinosaurs. But we all know that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, while the Bible places Creation some 5700 years ago. Isn’t… More »
Evolution – Who Cares? – There’s so much talk about whether God created the world or whether it evolved by chance. But I’m wondering: What difference does it make how this all came about anyhow? More »
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