Mezuzah & the Home

Chanukat HaBayit - We just bought our first home and will be moving in another few weeks. We wanted to make a house-warming party. Is there anything like this in Jewish tradition? More »
Hamsa - I received a gift from an Israeli friend. It is a beautiful mosaic Hamsa, or Miriam's Hand. I am interested in the Hebrew prayer that appears on the back of it. I am wondering if there is an English or… More »
Mezuzah – College Dorm - I’m moving into a college dorm very soon and would like to know if the room requires a mezuzah. I don’t know in advance who all my roommates will be, or if they will all be Jewish. More »
Mezuzah Covers - We are now in the process of purchasing mezuzahs for our new home. We are buying the mezuzahs themselves from a reputable seller, but we don’t know anything about buying the covers! Are there are any laws or restrictions we… More »
Mezuzahs and Apartment Complexes - You may have heard about the new statute in Texas allowing tenants to put mezuzot on their exterior doorways. Apparently, this was in reaction to a situation where a resident was prohibited from putting up a mezuzah by the rules… More »
Mezuzahs During Renovations - We will be moving into our new home shortly. We will be moving into the downstairs only while the main floor is being renovated. Does it require mezuzahs before we move in? Also, the downstairs will be painted at a… More »
Priest on a Rope - I heard something about tying a rope to the High Priest in the Holy Temple. What was that all about? More »
Rolling and Wrapping a Mezuzah - What are the rules for rolling a Mezuzah parchment? Can the scroll be wrapped in Saran Wrap or plastic before putting it into a case? I'm especially concerned about protecting a Mezuzah which hangs outdoors. More »
Sleeping Facing the Door - Is it true that you’re not supposed to sleep with your feet towards the door of your bedroom? Or is this just a superstition? More »
The Ancient Napkin - I'm not Jewish, but am interested in ancient Jewish customs. I've heard there is a custom of folding a napkin and placing it at a certain place that conveys a certain message after eating a meal. Can you tell me… More »

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