Overcoming the Temptation to Steal

Guilt Over Past Sins

Children Punished for Sins of Parents

How to Forgive Ourselves

I'm having difficulty coming to terms with a lot of my past life choices and mistakes. I'm so far behind where I feel I should be in life and blame myself for my poor choices which so set me back. What should I do about this?

Should We Hate Receiving Gifts?

Are Religious People Happy?

Elijah’s Ascent to Heaven

The Creation of Man and the Animals

World to Come not Mentioned in the Torah

Desiring Sin

Asking Forgiveness from the Deceased

Is There an Obligation to be Happy?

What Happens Right After We Die?

How Our Forefathers’ Merit Helps Us

Why Can't God Just Reward Us?

The Book of Job and Satan’s Power

The Book of Job begins with God and Satan making a wager over Job, in which God gives Satan permission to test Job, giving him terrible affliction. Does Satan really have the right to harm an innocent man like that?

Adam’s Sin and the Decree of Death

Rebellious Son (Ben Sorer U’Moreh) Punished for Future

Repentance – Accepting for Future

Cheating on Tests – Repentance

Foul Language

Temple Service - Two Little Goats

Hardening Pharaoh's Heart

Noah: Fixing Mistakes

Jacob, Esau & the Purpose of Life

The Complaint Syndrome

Abraham & Independence

Why Marry?

Torah Study and the Jewish Soul

Singularity Theory

Reincarnation and Dreams

Optimism and Pessimism


Making Rosh Hashanah Meaningful

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

The Holocaust: Why?

Family Friction

Downfall of the Enemy

Suicide Bombers

Jewish Claim to the Land

Holy City of Many Names

What is a Man?

Surrogate Motherhood

Does Judaism have a position on surrogate motherhood?

Star Wars’ Jewish Themes?

Space Prayer

If humans ever colonize the moon or other planets, which direction would we face while praying?


Why Things Happen

Why Bad Things Happen

Wasting Time

Natural Disasters

To Life!

The Afterlife

Next Steps