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Take that to the Bank

July 23, 2009 | by

Moshe is sitting in his office one morning when his phone rings.

"Mr Minkovsky," says the caller, "my name is Peter Burton and I'm the manager of your bank. As you know, you hold your business account with us and I'm calling to inform you that at close of business yesterday, your account was overdrawn by nearly $600."

"Thank you mister bank manager for letting me know this," replies Moshe. "Do you have access to my account statements for the last three months?"

"Yes, I have them in front of me," replies the bank manager.

"So could you tell me what was my account balance at the end of each of the last three months," asks Moshe.

"Yes, of course," replies the bank manager. "Over the last three months, your account ended the month in credit by $789.26, $1,245.90 and $444.01."

"So nu, mister bank manager," says Moshe, "did I phone you up on those occasions?"

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