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The Air Up There

May 24, 2018 | by

Chaim Yankel from Chelm couldn’t contain his excitement – this was the first time in his life that he was going to ride an airplane.

The plane took off and everything seemed to be going OK until Chaim Yankel heard a loud noise come from outside the plane. The captain came on the intercom and said, "Attention passengers, we just lost one of our engines; but don't worry, the other three engines will keep us up. Also, we will arrive at our destination about an hour behind schedule."

Half an hour later, another loud noise sounded from outside the plane. The captain once again came on the intercom, "Attention passengers, do not be alarmed. We lost another engine, but the other two will still keep us flying. We will arrive at our destination about three hours late."

After the captain said this, Chaim Yankel leaned over to the passenger next to him and said, "Oy, if those other two engines go out, we'll be up here forever."


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