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Babysitter’s Club

July 13, 2017 | by

Chaim and Shira knew it was time for a date night. They had 4 young and “energetic” kids at home but hardly had time to spend with one another. So with some misgivings, they found a young babysitter in the neighborhood named Rachel and left her in charge of the house for a night.

When Chaim and Shira returned a few hours later, Rachel was sitting alone watching TV.

Shira went to check on the children and found them all in their narrow hallway. By bracing their arms and legs against the walls, they had climbed up to the ceiling.

"The babysitter taught us how," they said gleefully.

Rachel turned to Chaim and Shira, her face a deep red, and said, "Since they had me climbing the walls, I figured they might as well be too.”

From then on, Chaim and Shira decided that every Tuesday night would be date night with Rachel the babysitter.

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