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Letters to God

December 6, 2015 | by

Little Moishe Murmlestein was distressed with his parents' financial situation, so he decided to write God a letter:

Dear Hashem,
My mommy and daddy need $500 for bills, and I don't know who else to ask. Could You please help?

The letter was received by the local post office and put in the "dead letters" pile. The clerk, curious at a letter addressed to God, opened it. As you can imagine, he was touched and decided to help. He asked all his fellow workers to "chip-in" a few dollars to help a family in need. When all the money was collected, it came to $300. The clerk sent a money order in an official Post Office envelope with the return address simply: God.

Several weeks later the same clerk found another letter addressed to God in the same writing. The letter said:

Dear Hashem,
Thank you for the $300, but next time don't use the Post Office. They have a $200 service charge.

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