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Torah Teasers Parshat Pekudei

Pekudei (Exodus 38:21-40:38 )

by Moshe Erlbaum

1. What type of coin, mentioned in this parsha, is mentioned only one other time in the Torah (and where)?

Each person was expected to donate to the Tabernacle a beka of silver, the value of half a shekel (Exodus 38:26 with Rashi). In parshas Chayeh Sarah, when Eliezer gives gifts to Rivkah, the earring has the weight of a beka (Genesis 24:22 with Rashi).

2. Of all the precious metals collected for the Tabernacle, which had the largest amount?

Silver, with a tally of 100 (kikar) talents and 1,775 shekels, is collected in the greatest amount (Exodus 38:25).

3. What precious stone appears three times on the clothing of the High Priest?

The shoham stone is twice on the shoulder straps of the ephod (39:8), and also appears on the fourth row of the breastplate (choshen) (Exodus 39:13).

4. Which two of the 12 stones found on the breastplate (choshen) are mentioned elsewhere in the Torah - not in relation to the Tabernacle?

(1) The sapir stone is on the choshen (Exodus 39:11) and also mentioned in parshas Mishpatim as the vision the elders saw at Mount Sinai (Exodus 24:10). (2) The shoham stone which is on both the choshen (39:13) and the straps of the ephod (35:9) also appears in parshas Bereishis when describing the rivers flowing from the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:12).

5. Where in this parsha are bells mentioned?

"Golden bells" appear on the bottom of the robe (me'il) worn by the High Priest (Exodus 39:25).

6. In what context is fire mentioned, in both parshas Vayekhel and parshas Pekudei?

Fire is mentioned at the beginning of Vayekhel with regards to keeping Shabbat (Exodus 35:3), and in the last verse of Pekudei regarding the pillar of fire that led the Jewish people through the desert at night (Exodus 40:38).

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