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I’m Asking Him to Change His Ways

August 1, 2012 | by

55 year old Arnold, a single man, has not been feeling too well for some time and so goes to see Dr. Myers. After undergoing a few basic tests and some questioning on how he lives his life, Arnold says, "Well doctor, what do you think?"

"From what I can see from your test results Arnold," replies Dr. Myers, "and from the answers you gave to my questions, you definitely need to make some significant changes to your lifestyle."

"Like what?" asks Arnold, looking a bit worried.

Doctor Myers replies, "Like giving up drinking all those glasses of kiddush wine and whiskey; like reducing all those roast beef and roast chicken meals you tell me you have most nights of the week; and like giving up smoking. Doing all this is the best way for you to improve your health and life expectancy. It's your first course of action. So, what do you say?"

After taking some time to think about what he's just heard, Arnold replies, "And what's the second best course of action for me, doctor?"

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