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Secret Agent Man

March 10, 2016 | by

Irving Feldman was a tailor in Brooklyn and his competitors were always looking for ways to trip him up. That’s why he wasn’t surprised when one day someone from the Department of Labor came to his shop and accused him of not paying proper wages to his employees.

"Mr. Feldman, please give me a list of your employees and tell me how much you pay them," said the agent.

"All right," said Irv. "See that tailor in the back. He’s been with me for ten years. I pay him $800 a week. See that lady who works the cash? She's been here six months. She gets $500 a week."

"Anybody else?" asked the agent as he scribbled on a note pad.

"Yeah," said Irv. "There’s another guy who isn’t that bright. He works about eighteen hours a day. I pay him ten dollars a week and sometimes I throw in a bag of rugelach."

"Aha!" the agent roared. "I want to talk to that man!"

"Speaking," said Irv.


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