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The Modern Bride

October 24, 2011 | by

Shira has recently announced her engagement to Zev and starts to receive mazel tov cards from family and friends. On this particular morning, not only is there the usual bundle of cards on the floor by the front door, but there is also a large package. Shira opens the package, stares at its contents, and reads the enclosed card. It's from her elderly grandma. So Shira calls her.

"Hello bubbe, it's Shira," she says.

"Why hello Shira," says her bubbe. "Did you get my package?"

"Yes I did, bubbe," replies Shira. "Thank you so much for your lovely engagement present."

"I'm so glad you like it," says her bubbe.

"And why shouldn't I like it?" says Shira. "Any future new bride would love to receive such an attractive wooden sewing box full of reels of cotton of all colors, pairs of scissors, needles and pins of all sizes, thimbles, and a tape measure. But bubbe, what is it?!"

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