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Shopping with Golda

August 28, 2011 | by

Ruben is out shopping with his wife Golda, but this is not a shopping expedition that he's enjoying. For over 45 minutes, he's been 'stuck' with Golda in the ladies department of the John Lewis store. And he can't leave because she's ordered him to stay with her until she finds a suitable new outfit. So he's getting very tired and irritable.

Then, for the seventh time, Golda comes out of the changing rooms wearing yet another outfit. He looks Golda up and down and then says, "OK, darling, that's the one. Not only does the outfit fit you perfectly, but it's your favorite color as well. So buy it now and let's go get something to eat."

"You schnook, Ruben," says Golda, "This is the outfit I came here in."

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