Who Cares

Peaceful Sleep

Obama I am pro-Israel and pro-Jewish

The Entire World Is God's Message

The Miracle Of Repentance

When Jews Appear For Divine Judgment

It's Not The Years In Your Life That Count

Happy Sukkot!!

Sukkot Blessings

True Wealth

You Can Never Cross The Ocean Until

Your Time Is Limited´╗┐

Its Not The Length Of Life

Not Being Beautiful Was the True Blessing

May You be Inscribed and Sealed for a Good Year

On Rosh Hashanah it is Written

Repentance, Prayer and Charity

Today is the Conception of the World

I Am Not A Product Of My Circumstances

If You Hear A Voice Within You

If You Want Your Children To Turn Out Well

One Cannot And Must Not Try To Erase the Past

Teach Your Tongue To Say "I don't Know"

To Be Or Not To Be

We Jews Have A Secret Weapon

If You Want To Know How Rich You Are

It Always Seems Impossible

Life Isn't About Finding Yourself

Oliver Sacks

The peace of the Sabbath, of a stopped world, a time outside time, was palpable, infused everything, and I found myself drenched with a wistfulness, something akin to nostalgia, wondering what if: What if A and B and C had been different?

Most Obstacles

Some Things Are Not Important

To Change Your Life

You Are Not Born A Winner

Think Less Of What The Future Will Bring Us

Don't Make Change Too Complicated

If You Try To Be Something You're Not

You Must Expect Great Things

You Wouldn't Worry

Being Great Does Not Excuse One

Live And Help Live

Many Love Humanity

Our Aim Is Not To Be Superhuman

Sometimes We Give Way To Despair

We Are Creators Of Habit

The Disappearance Of The Jewish State

The Sad And Horrible Conclusion

Having Children Makes You

Be Happy Not Because Everything

The Most Important Thing A Father

Accepting Versus Changing

Next Steps