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This will be our first year trying to observe all the Passover laws. has been very helpful in planning our meals. But what do I do for breakfast? Other than eggs, what can I serve? My children's favorite packaged cereals all have leaven. They are not big fruit eaters, and pancakes are out. Can you offer any suggestions?

The Aish Rabbi Replies

First of all, pancakes are not necessarily out. Just substitute matzah meal. Also, some kosher manufacturers offer out-of-the-box Passover pancakes. Just heat and serve.

Matzah brie is a great Passover food. Mix some eggs in a big bowl, and add a little milk. Run matzah under the faucet to get it wet, then dip it into the eggs (kind of like French toast). Break the matzah into pieces and fry it in a pan. You can add cheese, veggies, whatever - just like an omelet. Everyone loves it!

Also there is "kosher for Passover" breakfast cereal, made from potato starch. A city with a large observant community will surely have it in stock. An easy option is to break matzah into small pieces, then eat in a bowl with chocolate milk. Alternatively, matzah can be used to make your own Passover granola.

You could also try "matzah sandwiches" - spread cream cheese, cheese, tuna, etc.

And here's a favorite idea for lunch or dinner: lasagna. Use a regular lasagna recipe, except in place of noodles, wet a whole piece of matzah. Cover well and bake. We like the Passover version better than the regular one!

Wishing you a happy and kosher Passover!

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