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Rabbi Zev Leff

Rabbi Zev Leff is Rav of Moshav Matisyahu, and a renowned lecturer and educator. He is the author of Shiurei Bina - Outlooks & Insights on the Weekly Torah Portion, and most recently, Shemoneh Esrei: The Depth and Beauty of Our Daily Tefillah, published by Targum Press. Visit his website online at www.rabbileff.net.

Parsha: The Art of Listening

Attuning our ears to hear the reverberations of Sinai.

Parsha: Living to Work

Egyptian slavery and man’s drive for meaning.

Parsha: Free Will or Predestination

Were Esau and Jacob’s tendencies to evil and righteousness, respectively, fixed prior to birth? What about free will?

Parsha: Like a Desert

Why was the Torah given to the Jewish nation in a desert?

Parsha: Fences of Holiness

Understanding the role of rabbinic fences.

Parsha: Four Aspects of Thanksgiving

Insights into the nature of gratitude.

Parsha: Supporting the Supporter

The incredible opportunity to perform mitzvot.

Parsha: Value of a Friend's Advice

Should one seek the advice of a friend who is beneath him?

Parsha: Adapting to Imperfection

God relates to us the way we relate to Him.

Parsha: Life and Death in the Hands of the Tongue

Why do we make a point to remember Miriam speaking badly about Moses?

Parsha: The Gates of Prayer

The power of a small aleph.

Parsha: Ascent or Descent

Torah is the very lifeblood of the Jewish people.

Parsha: Light Unto the Nations

Why was it important that Jewish people find favor in the eyes of the Egyptians?

Parsha: The Wagons of Assimilation

Transferring the holiness of Israel to Egyptian soil.

Parsha: The Jewish Home

The Jewish home creates the environment of Jewish values and morals, an inner sanctum of spirituality that serves as the foundation of Judaism.

Parsha: Breaking the idols

Discerning truth from falsehood, light from darkness.

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