Are Jews Against Whistling? - I see a lot of Orthodox Jews object to whistling. Do you know any reason why? More »
Are Religious People Happy? - I grew up Orthodox but fell out of practice in my early 20s. In the few years since then I have dabbled with several other religious beliefs or just secular living, and I never really felt fulfilled. At this point,… More »
Pursuit of Truth - On a recent trip to Israel I spent time with my yeshiva-educated cousins. I have a lot of respect for their devotion and dedication to their beliefs. On the other hand, as a Reform Jew, I was really bothered by… More »
Shabbat-Observant Politicians? - After the nomination of Sen. Joseph Lieberman as the first Jewish Vice-Presidential candidate - and a Shabbat observant one at that! - one question raised was his ability to conduct affairs of state only six days a week. Sen. Lieberman… More »
Orthodox Clothes - On a recent visit to New York I was quite shocked to see that Orthodox Jews still walking the streets with black hats, long coats, beards and peyos. Why is it necessary to be so behind the times? More »
Niturei Karta - I saw a video of Orthodox Jews cavorting in Iran with Iranian President (and Jew-hater) Ahmadinejad. Apparently these "rabbis" were there to attend a Holocaust denial conference. What gives?! More »
Yeshiva Students and Army Service - Why do most yeshiva students not serve in the Israeli army? More »
Who is a Zionist? - I try to keep up on Israeli politics and I will sometimes see a reference to "non-Zionist Orthodox parties." I don’t understand how people who live in Israel can be "non-Zionists." What is the definition of Zionism, anyway? More »
Torah Study - Prioritized - I've noticed that some Orthodox Jews downplay the need for secular knowledge. They don't seem to talk about the need for computer technology, artistic inclinations, or national defense. There seems to be a singular focus on Torah study, to the… More »
Married at Different Levels of Observance - My husband and I have been married for two years, happily. I am Orthodox and he is not. He has learned how to make Kiddush and say Grace After Meals (with transliteration), and happily accompanies me to peoples' homes for… More »
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