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Megillah Torah Teasers

Parshat Zachor (Deuteronomy 25:17-19 )

by Moshe Erlbaum

1. Aside from Achashverosh, which other kings appear in the Megillah?

Yechanya the king of Judah, and Nebuchadnezzar the king of Bavel (Esther 2:6).

2. Which two people in the Megillah have names that begin with the letter Vav?

Queen Vashti and Vayzasa, the tenth son of Haman (Esther 9:9).

3. Aside from wine, what other item mentioned in the Megillah is served at the Passover seder?

Karpas, the vegetable dipped in salt water, is mentioned in the Megillah, albeit with a different meaning (Esther 1:6).

4. The gallows that Haman intended to hang Mordechai on were 50 cubits long (Esther 5:14). Where in the book of Genesis do we find wood measuring 50 cubits?

In parshas Noach, the width of the ark was 50 cubits (Genesis 6:15).

5. What golden item appears in the Megillah four times, but nowhere else in the Bible?

A golden scepter is mentioned four times but nowhere else in the Bible (Esther 4:11, 5:2, 8:4).

6. Aside from the month of Adar, what other months are mentioned in the Megillah?

Esther was taken to the king in the month of Teves (Esther 2:16). Haman arranged the lottery in Nissan (Esther 3:7). Mordechai's letters allowing the Jews to destroy their enemies were sent in Sivan (Esther 8:9).

7. "I killed my wife because of my friend, and killed my friend because of my wife." Who am I?

Achashverosh killed his wife Vashti upon the advice of Memuchan (Haman), and later killed Haman upon the words of his wife Esther.

8. What is the connection between the first verse of the Megillah and the first verse of parshas Chayei Sarah?

The first verse of the Megillah states that Achashverosh ruled over 127 provinces. The first verse of parshas Chayei Sarah states that Sarah lived for 127 years (Genesis 23:1).

9. About whom and about what does it state, "And the matter pleased [him]"? (3 answers)

It pleased Achashverosh to execute Vashti and to send letters declaring that every man should dominate his household (Esther 1:21). Achashverosh was also pleased by the idea of choosing a new queen (Esther 2:4). Haman was pleased to make gallows to hang Mordechai (Esther 5:13).


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