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Time for Your Annual Job Review

September 19, 2019 | by Chanania (Michael) Benklifa

Your boss is evaluating how you spent every minute and the report will be published.

David went into his annual job review in September, expecting to ask for a raise. So imagine his concern upon seeing a professionally-bound, tabbed report, bearing his name and big bold letters: TIME DATA.

He nervously sat across the table as his boss flipped through the report, full of highlights and handwritten notations. After what seemed like an eternity, the boss peered sternly, cleared his throat, and in a steady voice laced with irritation explained how the company has been monitoring David’s computer.

“The IT department tracks every keyboard stroke, mouse click, and website visited,” he explained. “Your company-issued cell phone tells us how and where you spend your time… and where you shouldn’t be spending time. We regard every wasted moment as outright theft from the company.”

David wanted to protest but couldn't find the words to speak. His mind raced with thoughts of endless social media, long lunches, inappropriate websites and juicy gossip.

“One more thing,” David’s boss said. “Look at the employment contract you signed, granting the company permission to put this entire report online for anyone to see.”

Oh no! This embarrassing exposure was a fate worse than death. David’s friends will see it. His wife! His children!! The shame will be hell on earth.

David begged his boss for a second chance. “Please don’t publish the report. This is not who I truly am. l will prove I am a much better person!”

The boss hesitated. Would things be really different? He offered David a deal: Ten days to prove the report wrong. “After 10 days, we will generate a new report. If the report shows the same David as the old one, you're fired and we publish the report.”

Then the boss’s expression shifted gears to one of compassion. “I know this report looks harsh and what I’m asking you to do is scary. But I wouldn’t give you this chance to make it right if I didn’t believe in you. I know you have it in you to succeed and I'm rooting for you. It’s entirely up to you.”

David left the office with gratitude in his heart, thankful for the chance to start over and prove himself. The job review was the wake-up call he needed to become the person he wants to be.

On Rosh Hashanah, we each have an incredible opportunity to stand before the Boss and commit to becoming the person we know we can be. It starts with making a personal accounting, then committing to positive change.

Good luck at this year’s job review. You can do this!


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