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The Great Jewlarious Joke Competition

February 16, 2014 | by Staff

Who will be awarded the Golden Hamentaschen? YOU decide!

The Great Jewlarious Joke Competition has begun! Watch the first video submissions below and vote for your favorite. The joke with the most Facebook “likes” will be awarded the coveted “Golden Hamentaschen Award.” Trust us, it’s very coveted.

  1. God's Minute
  2. Bearly Preaching
  3. A Native Name
  4. There Are No Small Roles, Only Small Actors
  5. The Shabbos Delivery
  6. Who Wants Tablets?
  7. Time for a Mohel
  8. Living With the Parents

Click here if you are unable to view these videos.

God's Minute


by Martin Cohn

Bearly Preaching


by Martin Cohn

A Native Name


by Mark Miller

There Are No Small Roles, Only Small Actors


by Mark Miller

The Shabbos Delivery


by Mordechai Schmutter

Who Wants Tablets?


by Mordechai Schmutter

Time for a Mohel


by Mordechai Schmutter

Living With the Parents


by Chad Kaplan

Nu, maybe you want to submit a joke? Send us the YouTube Link or a file under 2MB to Video submissions only!

Who knows, maybe you’re the next Jerry Seinfeld?

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