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Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen

Rabbi Yehonasan Gefen is a close student of Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits and a senior member of the Jerusalem Kollel.  Rabbi Gefen’s has spent over 12 years of intensive Torah and Talmudic study at Aish HaTorah and the Jerusalem Kollel, and has a degree in history and politics from the University of Birmingham, UK. Rabbi Gefen has written numerous articles for Hamodia and other publications. His writing inspires people across the spectrum of Jewish observance to live with the vibrancy and beauty of Torah. Rabbi Gefen has recently published his fifth book. His new book delves deeply into the characters of great kings such as David, Shlomo, Chizkiyahu, and Yoshiyahu and those of the most maligned of kings, such as Yeravam, Achav, and Menashe, focusing on the most significant aspects unique to each king. Its readers will develop a whole new understanding of the kings of Israel and the overall institution of the kingship of Israel. Click here to order: https://www.feldheim.com/king-david-and-the-kings-of-israel Visit Rabbi Gefen's site at http://rabbiygefen.blogspot.com/

Parsha: The Ends Versus the Means

Parsha: Sarah’s Sudden Death and the Power of Words

Parsha: The Influence of Ten Righteous Men

Parsha: Lust Versus Ideology

Parsha: Learning from the Stars

Parsha: Lessons from the Book of Jonah

For Every Individual, A Torah Scroll

Parsha: Repentance from Love

Parsha: The Curse of Two-Facedness

Parsha: The Difference between Moab and Amalek

Parsha: Having Too Much Money

Parsha: Elul: A Time of Opportunity

Parsha: Love the Convert

Parsha: Don’t Believe in Other Gods Versus God is One

Parsha: Miriam and the Spies

Parsha: The Death of Bilaam

Parsha: Korach’s Sons and Honoring Torah Scholars

Parsha: The Importance of the Three Foot-Festivals

Parsha: The Sin of Moses: The Two Ways to Communicate

Parsha: Korach’s Unique Punishment

Parsha: The Spy with a Different Spirit

Parsha: Learning Torah during Adverse Conditions

Parsha: The Sotah’s Husband

Parsha: The Enigmatic Character in the Book of Ruth

Parsha: The Connection between Israel and the Jewish People

Parsha: The Benefits of Keeping Shemittah

Parsha: The True Definition of Sanctifying God’s Name

Parsha: Revenge: It’s Not Worth It

Parsha: Rabbi Akiva's Students and the Omer

Parsha: By Your Blood Shall You Live

Parsha: The Passover Haggadah: The Instruction Manual of Gratitude

Parsha: Seeing Your Own Flaws

Parsha: The Sale of Joseph, The Golden Calf and the Tabernacle

Parsha: Ignoring the Messages: A Purim Lesson

Parsha: Moses’ Name

Parsha: Hishtadlus in Ruchnius

Parsha: Shabbat and Torah Learning

Parsha: Shabbat: The Eternal Covenant

Parsha: Moses and Aaron: Brothers Dwelling Together

Parsha: The Patriarchs and the Tabernacle

Parsha: The Prohibition to Lend with Interest

Judaism and Kindness

Parsha: Why Did the Sea Split?

Parsha: Seeing Righteous People

Parsha: Sharing the Pain of the Community

Parsha: A True Understanding of Blessings

Parsha: Seeing One’s Own Flaws

Parsha: The Importance of Preparation

Parsha: Insights in Rashi– The Battle with the ‘Old, Stupid King'

Parsha: The Leader's Repentance

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