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Bubbie Bornstein’s Applie Pie

December 29, 2016 | by

Bubbie Bornstein was famous for her apple pies. One day Shani, her new granddaughters in law was over for Shabbat lunch and she pulled Bubbie Bornstein aside and said, "How do you make such beautiful pies with the crimps around the edge so even?"

"Well, it's a family secret," Bubbie Bornstein said. "But if you promise not to tell, I'll let you in on it."

"Okay," Shani said. "Tell me!"

"Well, first, I roll out the dough, making sure it is flat and even. Then I cut out the bottom layer and carefully put in the pie plate and make sure it is firmly against the sides of the plate.

"Then I slowly pour in the filling, making sure it's not too full.

"Next, I cut out the top layer and carefully put it over the filling.

"Finally, I take out my teeth and just run them around the edge of the pie crust, and they make the nicest even impressions you ever did see!"

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