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Emor 5774


Emor (Leviticus 21-24 )

by Kalman Packouz

GOOD MORNING!   Many people make the mistake of saying they are "not religious" when what they mean is "I am not fully observant." (The truth is, no one is fully observant; we all try the best we can based on our knowledge, convictions and situations.) Even people who say they don't believe in God will in the same breath say that they pray. Ask people, "If you could talk with any being, who would you choose to talk with?" Probably everyone of us would choose "God" -- if we felt it was truly a possibility.

Traditionally, the Torah teaches us that if we want to connect to the Almighty we should 1) Learn Torah (after all, if you want to understand the Author, read His words...) 2) Live according to the 613 Commandments (yes, there are more than 10 ... ) 3) Pray (pour out your heart and talk to God) and say Psalms. I think for many, there is still an unfilled desire to connect emotionally with the Almighty, to feel a sense of awe from His presence, to be surrounded by a feeling of holiness and spirituality -- and even a wish to hear His heartfelt advice for our problem and situation.

What if there were answers from the Almighty? What would be His words of wisdom and directions for us?

One of my favorite books is My Father, My King: Connecting with the Creator by my good friend, prolific author (about 30 books), energetic speaker, personal counselor, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin. From time to time, nearly everyone talks to God, but what would be God's answer if it were in words, rather than just in actions? Reb Zelig beautifully writes awe-inspiring responses based on Torah sources. Reading this book enhances spirituality!

Based on his book, Reb Zelig has developed the following focal points to review daily to increase spirituality and enjoyment in life. Read this once a day ... it will help you develop your spirituality!



  1. Have a constant awareness of our Father, our King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe. As soon as you think of the Creator, you immediately connect with Him. Think of Him often.
  2. Feel a sense of awe for the Creator by frequently contemplating the size and complexity of the universe.
  3. Realize that you are created in the image of the Creator and you are His child. When looking in a mirror, say to yourself, "You are a child of the Creator."
  4. Everything you have in life is a gift from the Creator. Be constantly grateful. This gratitude creates love.
  5. The Almighty loves us more than we love ourselves. Frequently say to yourself, "The Almighty loves me even more than I love myself."
  6. Realize that everything that the Almighty causes to happen in your life is for a positive purpose. Some you will recognize, some you won't. Frequently repeat, "This, too, is for the good."
  7. Respect each human being because each human being is created in the Almighty's image.
  8. When you do an act of kindness, you are emulating the Almighty. Do so frequently.
  9. Every prayer you say, whether formal or in your own words, is an expression of connecting with the Creator.
  10. Make a blessing to thank the Creator before and after eating. This adds a spiritual dimension to the food you eat.
  11. Thank your Father, your King, for each and every breath. Since you are constantly breathing you are always connecting with the Creator.
  12. Let your awareness of the Almighty's love for you give you an inner sense of serene Trust.
  13. Developing your character traits is considered "Walking in the ways of the Almighty." Each positive step takes you far.
  14. Every life situation has been sent to you as a test and challenge from the Creator to help you grow and develop your character.
  15. Don't speak against or harm the Almighty's children. Thinking of this and acting accordingly connects you with the Creator.
  16. You are always in the present moment. Right now, connect with the Creator even if you've gotten off-track a moment ago.
  17. Sincere repentance out of love for the Almighty elevates you to such a degree that you can retroactively elevate the negative of the past with an absolute resolution not to repeat the mistakes of the past.
  18. Feel joy for the joy of the Almighty's children and have compassion for their distress.
  19. Realize that you are never alone. Wherever you are, the Almighty is always with you. Speak to Him in your own way and ask Him for your wants and needs.
  20. At all times, hear Your Father, your King, Creator and Sustainer of the universe saying to you, "I love you."


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Torah Portion of the week

Emor, Leviticus 21:1 - 24:24

This week's portion sets forth the standards of purity and perfection for a Cohen; specifies the physical requirements of sacrifices and what is to be done with blemished offerings; proclaims as holidays the Shabbat, Pesach, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

It reminds the Jewish people to provide pure olive oil for the Menorah and designates the details of the Showbread (two stacks of 6 loaves each which were placed on the table in the portable sanctuary and later in the Temple once a week upon Shabbat).

The portion ends with the interesting story of a man who blasphemed God's name with a curse. What should be the penalty for this transgression? Curious? Leviticus. 24:14.

* * *

Dvar Torah
based on Love Your Neighbor by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin

The Torah states:

"And when you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not wholly reap the corner of your field; and the gleanings of your harvest you shall not gather; for the poor and the stranger you shall leave them (the corners and the gleaning), I am the Lord your God" (Leviticus 23:22).

Why is the owner commanded to leave the corners and gleanings rather than being commanded to gather the produce and give it to the poor?

By not presenting the produce to the poor man, the poor man escapes the humiliation of being handed charity. Instead, he maintains his dignity as he feels that he is just taking what is his due by Torah law. It is important to be sensitive to others.


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Quote of the Week

Chasing meaning is better for your health,
than trying to avoid discomfort


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