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What Kate Wore

May 5, 2019 | by Emuna Braverman

We want to dress like the duchess because she exudes femininity, royalty and dignity.

I remember when Charles and Diana got married. Not because I watched the ceremony – or cared about it for that matter, despite my Canadian roots and my memories of singing “God Save the Queen” in elementary school.

I remember it because I traveled through Europe that summer and the news was everywhere. It was a big deal at the time. Everyone heralded a new era for royalty – a more relaxed, casual atmosphere in the palace and among the families. It was deemed a breath of fresh air, a chance to adjust to the times.

Yet I’ve recently noticed something interesting. While the English royals may have broadened their outlook in terms of whom they welcome into their family, in other ways they have returned to a time of yore. And while Megan Markle may be in the news at the moment, I think it’s Kate’s clothing that everyone is watching and admiring. There’s even a website – I don’t think it’s just because she’s pretty. I don’t think it’s just because she’s thin. I think it’s because she carries herself with dignity. She dresses in a conservative, elegant fashion and we are drawn to it.

And I have a (totally unproved and unresearched) theory. We find it attractive. We find it refreshing. We welcome it. We want to dress like her because she exudes femininity. We want to dress like her because she looks like royalty – not like Cinderella at the ball but like someone who knows who she is and where she belongs and has a strong inner sense; like someone who has dignity.

The Torah teaches us that all the Jewish people are royal. We are all the children of the King. We should all hold our heads high. We should all carry ourselves with dignity. It should infuse how we walk, how we talk, how we eat and, yes, how we dress.

I don’t know how modern-day princesses speak but when I think about talking like a princess, I don’t imagine vulgarities and expletives leaving my mouth. I haven’t had dinner with any princes or princesses but I imagine they don’t shovel food into their mouths, they don’t talk with food in their mouths and they don’t eat until they are “beyond full” (as I seem to say every night at the dinner table). I do notice that she walks erectly and again, that she dresses in a way that says “I am a princess.”

Shouldn’t we who are the daughters of the King of Kings try to do the same? I don’t follow Kate on Instagram (or anyone else for that matter) or go to the website I referenced. But I confess that when she pops up on my news feed, I check it out. And I notice her outfit, not infrequently thinking I would wear that (with a shell underneath!). Because she knows she’s regal and she projects it.

And so should we.

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