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July 23, 2009 | by

Some lady gets out of the psych ward for seven years. She goes to the UN. She says to the UN "Behold I have Jesus Christ come and see." So she brings this Roman in. He is tested and found out nought. The next day she brings in this Arab "See this is Jesus Christ."

So meanwhile this is happening the Jews are getting Killed. Why because who is this alien really. We need to find out the alien. Yeah for the alien marshin will come back and rule.

So they test him and find out he's nought.

Stil people get hurt.

The next day she bring in this Rabbi. He say "Sure what ever I could be a Rabbi? Does that mean you have to kill us over it?" So they find him wanting. The next day she brings in the African dood. The UN says "He's nought well like he is ha..."

So the African get pursicuted...

So the next day she brings in an American White. He says "Well what difference does it make?"

Then the American's are looked down on.

So then she says shes Jesus Christ. So next they all drink wine and become apes. So shes they're for a year and a half. And an alien comes from outerspace and says look that is me you see.

The alien does a summer sault and gets stuck in the ground because of its horns.

So the next day. The Jewish Messiah Gedal Neyim Daveseem comes back from his space trip to mars.

He accidently falls through the roof. And kicks the alien in the ass then lands on the table and says "Hello thats me?"

So the killing stops. And every at the Un stops being Chimpanzees.


Jews don't need to be converted, we know the truth. So we are not in need of being converted to christianity. Or being pursicuted by Islam.


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