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Top 10 Jewlarious Jokes about Bubbies

July 29, 2018 | by Staff

“Next year in Jerusalem. The year after that, how about a nice cruise?”

If there’s one thing Jews love, it’s our Bubbies. If there’s another thing we love, it’s making jokes. Put them both together, and, can it get any better?

10. Lessons Your Bubbie Taught You

  • If you can't say something nice, say it in Yiddish.
  • If you don't eat, it will kill me.
  • Never take a front-row seat at a bris.
  • Always whisper the names of diseases.
  • If it tastes good, it's probably not kosher.
  • Why spoil a good meal with a big tip?
  • Twenty percent off is a bargain; fifty percent off is a mitzvah.
  • Wine needs to breathe so don't rush through the kiddush.
  • No one leaves a simcha hungry; but then no one leaves with a hangover.
  • And what's so wrong with dry turkey?
  • A shmata is a dress that your husband's ex is wearing.
  • Anything worth saying is worth repeating a thousand times.
  • Where there's smoke, there may be smoked salmon.
  • Next year in Jerusalem. The year after that, how about a nice cruise?

9. First Time Bubbie

Sally Saltzman was thrilled by her role as a first time Bubbie. And she was very protective of her daughter Sarah’s baby girl Becky. One cool afternoon Mrs. Saltzman dropped by to see her little Becky. Sarah and a friend had taken Becky for a walk in her stroller and were just coming up the street.

As soon as they reached Mrs. Saltzman, she bent down to admire Becky and, in her fussiest voice, remarked, "Your little head is cold. You should have a hat on."

Sarah looked knowingly at her friend and said, "You owe me ten bucks."

8. Shabbos at Bubbie’s

Little Shmuli and the Marcus family were invited to their grandparents for Friday night dinner. Everyone was seated around the table and Zadie Marcus was getting ready to recite Kiddush. Just then, Shmuli reached for the challah and appetizers on the table and began eating.

“Shmuli, wait until Zadie says kiddush and hamotzi!” demanded his father.

“I don't have to,” the five year old replied.

“Of course you do, Shmuli,” his mother insisted forcefully. “We always wait until after kiddush and hamotzi at our house.”

“That's at our house,” Shmuli explained, “but this is Bubbie’s house, and she knows how to cook.”

7. Bubbie Knows Best

Rivky Adler went to spend a few weeks with her Bubbie Miriam. They had a lot of time together so Bubbie Miriam decided to teach Rivky how to sew. After the first day, having gone through a lengthy explanation of how to thread the machine, Rivky stepped back, put her hands on her hips, and said in disbelief, "Bubbie, you mean you can do all that, but you can't figure out how to use an iPhone?"

6. Bubbie Miriam’s New Granddaughter

Sarah just gave birth to a newborn baby boy and her mother had to drive her to a doctor’s appointment, so her grandmother, Bubbie Miriam, was tasked to take care of the baby. As soon as Sarah left for her doctor’s appointment, Miriam called her friends to come over.

"Can we see the baby?" they asked.

"Not yet," said Bubbie Miriam.

Fifteen minutes later, they asked again. "Can we see the baby?"

"Not yet," said Bubbie Miriam.

Another quarter of an hour later, they asked again: "Can we see the baby?"

"Not yet," answered Bubbie Miriam.

The ladies were growing impatient. "Well, when can we see the baby?"

"When it cries."

"Why do we have to wait until the baby cries?"

"Because I forgot where I put it."

5. Bubbie Shwartzbaum’s Purse

As the bus pulled away, Bubbie Shwartzbaum realized that she had left her purse under the seat. Frantic, she called the bus company and was relieved to hear later that the driver found her bag.

When she returned to pick it up, several off-duty bus drivers surrounded her. One man handed Bubbie her purse, two typewritten pages and a box containing the contents of her purse. "We're required to inventory lost wallets and purses," he explained. "I think you'll find everything there."

As Bubbbie started to put her belongings back into the purse, the man continued, "I hope you don't mind if we watch. Even though we all tried, none of us could fit everything into your purse. And we'd like to see just how you do it."

4. Bubbie Finkel Wants to Know

Bubbie Finkel telephoned Mount Sinai Hospital. She timidly asked, "Is it possible to speak to someone who can tell me how a patient is doing?"

The operator said "I'll be glad to help, dear. What's the name and room number?"

Bubbie in her weak tremulous voice said, "Raizie Finkel in room 302."

The Operator replied, "Let me check. Oh, good news. Her records say that Raizie is doing very well. Her blood pressure is fine; her blood work just came back as normal and her physician, Dr. Cohen, has scheduled her to be discharged on Tuesday."

Bubbie Finkel said, "Thank you. That's wonderful! I was so worried! God bless you for the good news."

The operator replied, "You're more than welcome. Is Raizie your daughter?" Bubbie Finkel said, "No, I'm Raizie Finkel in 302. Dr. Cohen doesn't tell me anything!"

3. Bubbie Bayla’s Bus Ride

Little Bubbie Bayla Bernstein seated herself right behind the bus driver. Every ten minutes or so she'd pipe up, "Have we reached Niagara Falls yet?"

"No, lady, not yet. I'll let you know," he replied, time after time.

The hours passed, Bubbie Bayla kept asking for Niagara Falls, and finally the town came into view. Sighing with relief, the driver slammed on the brakes, pulled over and called out, "This is where you get out, lady."

"Is this Niagara Falls?"

"YES!" he bellowed. "Get out!"

"Oh, I'm going all the way to Toronto," she explained sweetly. "It's just that my daughter told me that when we got this far, I should take my medication."

2. Bubbies on a Bench

Shirley and Sadie, two elderly ladies in a senior’s residence in Miami were enjoying the sunshine on a bench outside their residence. This was their daily ritual on every sunny day for the past 9 years, chatting and enjoying each other's friendship.

One day Shirley turned to Sadie and said, "Please don't be angry with me, bubbaleh, but I am embarrassed after all these years. What is your name? I am trying to remember, but I just can't."

Sadie stared at her, looking very distressed, said nothing for two full minutes, and finally said, "How soon do you have to know?"

1. Bubbie is Back

Little Shmuli Rabinowitz greeted his Bubbie with a hug and said:

"I'm so happy to see you, Bubbie. Now Daddy will do the trick he has been promising us."

"What trick's that?" she asked.

"Well," said little Shmuli excitedly, "I heard Daddy tell Mommy that he would climb the walls if you ever came to visit us again."


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