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Soldiers Speak Out

June 25, 2009 | by

Hear the real voices of Israeli soldiers.

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Inon is a 25 year-old law and government student. He served as a lieutenant in the Golani brigade for four years and now serves in the IDF reserves. He fought in the second Lebanon War in 2006 leading troops in the battle against Hizbollah. Inon recounts how he and his unit were in combat with Hizbollah terrorists in Lebanon when they saw an elderly woman shouting out in pain. As he approached her with a medic to try and treat her, they realized she was wired to a suicide bomb belt and was being used by Hizbollah as a human trap for the soldiers. "This is what we are up against," says Inon.


Pinchas, age 29, is a Politcal Science student. He served in an elite IDF infantry unit and today performs almost 70 days of reserve service each year. During the operation against Hamas in Gaza, his unit was called to duty for additional service. Pinchas speaks about finding rocket launchers in a Palestinian ambulance and escorting a terrorist bomb-maker who then helped the soldiers discover explosives which were hidden under civilian facilities such as schools and clinics.


Ran is a 25 year-old law student and a sergeant-major in the Israeli army reserves. Ran spends at least 45 days a year doing reserve duty in the IDFs special forces unit known as Maglan. As part of his mandatory reserve duty, Ran has fought Palestinian terrorists in Jenin and other terrorist strongholds in the West Bank. He was also part of the IDF ground forces that fought Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon in the summer of 2006. Ran tells of the time he and his men risked their lives to rescue a nine-year old Palestinian girl used by Palestinian terrorists to entrap Israeli soldiers.

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