Single Person Forgetting to Light

July 12, 2022 | by Rabbi Pinchas Waldman

I am a single girl living alone. I usually visit my parents for Shabbos but sometimes I stay in my apartment. This past week I was at home and forgot to light Shabbat candles – since I’m not that used to doing so. I heard there’s a penalty for a person who forgot – that he has to light an extra one every week going forward. Does that apply to me?

The Aish Rabbi Replies

I’m sorry for your mishap. The custom of adding an extra candle is really directed toward a married woman. She has a special obligation in this mitzvah in order to maintain light and peace in the home. Though a single person who is alone should also light (as well as a man whose wife is away), the extra candle penalty does not apply to such people (Siach Yitzchak 135).


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