Meet the Real You: Yom Kippur

Stop underestimating your potential.

Why Bats Sleep Upside Down and The Secret of Yom Kippur

Why Yom Kippur is one of the happiest days of the year.

Kubaneh, Yemenite Bread with Spicy Tomato Sauce

The Yemenite bread you need to try.

Rabbi Sacks: Focus On the Important, Not the Urgent

Appreciating Judaism's transformative time management tools.

Put Your Foot Down: Are Human Feet Poorly Designed?

Is the human foot a masterpiece of engineering or a flawed result of chance?

Everything Bagel Pizza

Load up your pizza like it is a giant bagel.

Jews and Weight Loss

A comedian’s take on his ongoing battle to lose weight and keep it off.

Scientist Asserts Earth Was Designed

There have always been two ways of looking at the world - that it is the result of blind and random forces, or that it was designed by a conscious and intelligent agent. Biochemist Michael Denton not only thinks it's designed, he thinks that he has detected evidence of the blueprint itself.

Save the Children: Yvonne Nèvejean and Queen Elisabeth of Belgium

When the lives of thousands of Jewish children were at stake, royalty came to their rescue.

Three Ways to Make Yom Kippur Meaningful

How to embrace the opportunity of Yom Kippur and use it to truly change.

The Joy of Fasting

Yom Kippur is a time to experience a reset and a chance to start all over again.

The 21st President of the United States: Failure or Inspiration?

Some rank Chester Alan Arthur as one of the worst presidents of all time. I think his life story is exactly what we need to hear this Yom Kippur.

Hiding Their Jewishness

An adult woman raised as a Christian discovers that her parents were Jewish Holocaust survivors.

How did Medieval Jewish Tombstones End Up in an Italian Monument?

The appalling story of desecrated tombstones from the 16th century Sephardic cemetery of Ferrara, Italy.

The Jewish Pope: Following the Questions Home

Four generations in the American melting pot boiled away just about any Jewishness in my family.

How Did I Miss It?: Rosh Hashana

Would you have seen the garbage bag?!

Where's Waldo and the Design Argument

Are atheists and Intelligent Design advocates both missing the point?

Bagels, The Ghetto, and Yom Kippur: A Journey into the Bagel’s History

Discover the story behind the beloved bagel, and how it served Jews even in their darkest moments.

Homemade Bagels

How to make your own NY style bagels.

Coronating the King: 4 Ways to Prepare for Rosh Hashanah

We may not be invited to King Charles coronation, but we’re all eagerly wanted at a more prestigious coronation – the installation of the ultimate King on Rosh Hashanah.

Free Holiday Hacks Guide

Let’s hack Rosh Hashanah and make this the easiest, cleanest, quickest and tastiest new year.

Pivotal Shofar Blasts throughout Jewish History

The shofar has become the voice of the Jewish people at different occasions throughout history.

Hellen Keller's Kabbalistic Insight

The art of seeing with your mind.

What Is The Significance of The Challah Cover?

Explore the meaning behind the custom of covering challah at the Shabbat table.

The US and the Holocaust: “We Did Nothing to Prevent It”

In a powerful film, Ken Burns chronicles America's abandonment of the Jews during the Holocaust.

Hidden Meaning in the Talmud's Cures and Fables

Is there more than meets the eye in these strange stories?

Don’t Flip Out: Choose to See the Good in Your Child

And flip around the potentially negative situation.

Transform Your Body, Transform Your Life

Ilana Muhlstein, author and influencer with 2 million followers, lost 100 pounds and shares her secret.

Apple Hawaij Challah Rolls

Spice up your breakfast with Hawaij.

Pomegranates: 8 Jewish Facts for Rosh Hashanah

These fruits have a long history in Jewish texts and are an important part of Rosh Hashanah.

Rosh Hashanah’s Transformative Call

The Jewish New Year celebrates the birthday of mankind and our relationship to one God.

Everyone’s Buddy

Our friendship was born out of a very public dispute. We were speaking more at each other than with each other, and decided studying Torah together would change that.

Charles III -The Last Circumcised King?

Hitler said, "Conscience is a Jewish invention. Like circumcision it mutilates man..." What is the connection between conscience and circumcision?


Visits to a plastic surgeon are never easy.

Defiance: The Astonishing Shofar Blowing During the Spanish Inquisition

In a Barcelona concert hall, one man's insane act of rebellion in 15th century Spain.

Jerusalem Kugel

How to make the iconic Ashkenazi kugel from Jerusalem.

10 Questions to Ask Yourself This Rosh Hashanah

Questions to help you reconnect to your life’s purpose, clarify your goals, and passionately embrace this upcoming new year.

Max Planck and The Mind Who is the Matrix of all Matter

A man of science and faith who discovered a world.

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