Top Jewish Desserts From Around the World

Divine Gender?

Judaism's feminine and masculine imagery of God.

Why Israeli Celebrity Chefs Are Going Kosher

Kosher diners can now experience everything that Israeli food has to offer.

Vayetzei 5783: Purpose of Prayer

Eggplant Pizza

This carb free pizza was inspired by Sabich.

The Ends Versus the Means

But I Can’t: How to Help Your Child Persevere

How to move your child from “I can’t!” to “I can!”

Ancient Jewish Wisdom to Improve Your Online Dating Experience

Three ideas for users of all the popular dating applications and websites.

Top Ten Israeli Snacks

These flavorful snacks will have you munching for more.

My Encounter with James Brown, the Godfather of Soul

The music legend was actually excited to shmooze with a group of Jewish teenagers and show off his Jewish connections.

Dear Persian Jews: Tradition Is Not Enough

Many Iranian American Jews likely will not have Jewish descendants in the coming decades. It’s our fault. We’re applying an old formula to a new country.

Dr. Samuel Katz: Innovative Scientist who Helped Develop the Measles Vaccine

The renowned virologist passed away recently at the age of 95.

Who Are the Karaites?

The inside story of a rebellious Jewish sect that begun in the Middle Ages.

Trailblazer: The Incredible Life of Farha Sassoon

Torah scholar, financial leader, socialite and mother, “Rabbanit” Farha blazed a path for women’s scholarship and business in India and Britain.

Liz Kennedy’s Mission to Help Women become Magnetic

The Jewish Israeli skincare entrepreneur, who partnered with two Muslim investors, shares how trauma shaped who she is today.


The Negotiation

Sometimes you have to give in.


Keep On Loving Them

Why do we need to be told that Esau got up and left after selling his birthright to his younger brother Jacob?


The Lobbes

The word "Lobbes" or "Lobbus" is part of the vernacular of British Jews, but few Jews in the United States have ever heard it. If one can say such a thing - Yaakov Avinu was a 'bit of a lobbes.

Chief Editor's Blog

When a Black, Non-Jewish Woman Visited a Jewish Website

How to Make Israeli Shakshuka

A classic Middle Eastern dish with spiced stewed tomatoes topped with poached eggs.

Jewish Geography

The Jews of Oz: A History of the Australian Jewish Community

How did Jews get to Australia?

Toldot 5783: Thanksgiving and the Jews

Celebrate Sigd: An Ancient Ethiopian Jewish Holiday

It’s time to try some Injera and Doro Wat, here’s why.


An easier way to make the Ethiopian flatbread.

Attitude of Gratitude: It Is Good To Give Thanks

How to live a meaningful and spiritual life.


Jewish Geography

5 Surprising Differences Between Ashkenazi & Sephardic Jews

Although there are many differences between these groups such as the languages they speak, the foods they eat, or even the Jewish customs and traditions they keep, they all share the core connection of Judaism and are a part of one peoplehood.

Holocaust Survivor and Hogan’s Heroes Star

The actor Robert Clary, 96, has died. Here is his harrowing story.

4 Important Insights I Learned About Marriage — The Hard Way

Little actions numerous times a day make the difference.

People Love Dead Jews: Exclusive Interview with Award-Winning Author Dara Horn

The provocative scholar’s views on Kanye, effective responses to antisemitism, and being Jewish in a non-Jewish world.

Due to Antisemitism, Lizzy Savetsky Leaves Real Housewives of New York

From the moment it was officially announced that she would be a cast member, she has faced a torrent of antisemitic comments.

Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut

Join the fermentation revival and make your own.

This Doctor Saved Tens of Millions of Lives, Yet Few Know his Name

The amazing story of Dr. Maurice Hilleman, the father of modern vaccines.

Pumpkin Challah Shaped Like Pumpkins

Looks like a pumpkin, tastes like a pumpkin, but it’s challah!

Cinnamon American Rugelach

How to make rugelach like your NY Jewish bakery.

Is Rugleach The Jewish Croissant?

A story of an old-world pastry with new-world flavors, and plenty of twists.

Chocolate Israeli Style Rugelach

This yeast based cookie is a staple in Israel.

Confronting Antisemitism: Some Questions and Concerns

Whether you found Dave Chapelle's monologue amusing or offensive, one thing is clear: we must respond thoughtfully and effectively to antisemitism.


The Speed of Time

Why is it that time seems to go faster the older we get?

Beyond Thanksgiving: Gratitude at the Shabbat Table

How to practice gratitude as a family.

Christmas Music in a Kosher Bakery

Thomas Jefferson argued that when it comes to religion, “Divided we stand, united we fall.”

Dave Chappelle's Monologue Wasn't Antisemitic

And I thought his monologue was funny.

Thanksgiving Recipes With a Jewish Twist

Giving Thanks For The Recipes Of Our People

Chayei Sarah 5783: Grandchildren: God’s Compensation for Getting Old

Sarah’s Sudden Death and the Power of Words

Chief Editor's Blog

Dave Chappelle’s Pernicious Antisemitism

The comedian is far too smart to be as crude as Kanye, and that’s what makes his offensive jokes more damaging and dangerous.

The Existential Blues

Can you be too smart for your own good?

Crawling Towards God

An encounter with the Unknowables: faith, prayer, and a Force beyond the self.

Homemade Sachlav

The Hot Israeli Beverage To Add To Your Thanksgiving Table.

Remembering Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

The banking family’s patriarch has died at age 91.

Sara Yoheved Rigler

Why is France’s Most Popular Jewish Comedian Converting to Catholicism?

And why he doesn’t have to.



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