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In biblical times, there always was a prophet of God who was guiding and advising Israel's kings. At the present time there is no such prophet. How does Israel's prime minister know he is doing the right thing, according to God's will?

The Aish Rabbi Replies

Prophecy ended in the 3rd century BCE with the deaths of Ezra, Nechemiah and Zechariah.

Although God no longer communicates with us through prophecy, He left a lifeline for all generations. The biblical prophets not only prophesied for their own generation, but even for future generations. That is the unique power of prophecy; since it's divine, it can speak of the future.

The details of these prophecies, and how to interpret them for today, are for the most part explained in the Talmud. Optimally, when a Jewish leader has a question, he gathers all the available political and military information, and then – in consultation with our Sages – looks into the classical Jewish sources for guidance.

This applicability of Torah principles to every place and time has been a key factor in Jewish survival as the "eternal nation."

Unfortunately, many Jewish and Israeli leaders today do not always give due respect to our biblical heritage, and sometimes foray into delicate national issues without properly considering the Torah perspective. This cuts us off from our greatest source of wisdom and national strength.

We pray that out leaders’ eyes will be illuminated with the light of God and His Torah.

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