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On a desert Island

July 23, 2009 | by

The little old Jewish man had been marooned on an Island for 25 years when a passing ship spotted his signal fire. The Captain put a boat ashore and asked the man what he had done with his life stranded for 25 years. He said, I built a house of stone for myself to live in and invited the Captain in to see his work. The captain was amazed at the quality and effort. In passing a window he looked out and saw another stone building and asked what it was, the old man said, it,s a Shul as I had to have a place to worship in. The captain looked it over and again was amazed at the quality of construction, but passed a window and saw another stone building on

a hill and asked, what is that building? The old man said, thats another

Shul! Why would you build another Shul when you already have one? The old man answered and said,

" thats the Shul I don,t go to"


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