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Nisan 10

January 4, 2010 | by

Yahrtzeit of Miriam, the biblical prophet, who died in the Hebrew year 2488. Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron. Miriam means "bitter sea," because she was born at a time when the Egyptians embittered the lives of the Jews. Despite the hardships, Miriam remained strong, and it was she who convinced her parents to remarry and have more children, in the face of Pharaoh's decrees. The result was the baby Moses. It was Miriam who watched over Moses as he was set afloat in the Nile River. Miriam is also noted in the Bible for leading a victory song after Pharaoh's army was drowned in the Red Sea. And the well of water, which miraculously accompanied the Jews during the 40 years of wandering in the desert, is attributed to her merit.


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