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Miral: Is This the Face of Terror?

March 27, 2011 | by The Elder of Ziyon

To answer the question, here are some alternative posters for the anti-Israel movie.

The pro-Palestinian Arab movie "Miral" is being released after a gala premiere at the UN. The New York Times has run a couple of stories on it already.

I not been following the controversy about the movie that closely, and I do not know if the movie is as anti-Israel as some claim it is.

But I am offended by the movie's poster:

The implication of the poster is that the nice young woman portraying the protagonist (who is actually an Indian actress, by the way) could not possibly be a terrorist because of her innocent looking face. To me, it also implies that Israel, or perhaps the West, unjustly considers all Palestinian Arabs to be terrorists.

Unfortunately, a friendly face does not exclude the possibility of a young woman being a terrorist:

(h/t Jon Y)

UPDATE: Yisrael Medad had a special request:

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