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Let Aish Say Kaddish for You

March 19, 2020 | by Rabbi Steven Burg

A solution for those who presently can no longer say kaddish in a minyan for a loved one.

As our reality continues to change minute by minute, we begin to see how the necessary measures to contain the coronavirus affect our lives in ways that we perhaps took for granted.

With the closing of shuls and the directives for social distancing which prevent us from forming home minyanim (quorums of 10), those who have lost loved ones are unable to properly recite the traditional memorial Kaddish recited during the first year of mourning and on the yarhzeit of a close relative.

For 25 years, Aish has quietly provided this service as a comfort for relatives and friends who have given Aish a donation for this service.

We are your Aish family in Jerusalem. And now more than ever, we need our families. If you are currently reciting Kaddish for a loved one and unable to pray with a minyan, allow us the honor of providing you the peace of mind knowing that Kaddish is being recited for your loved ones at the proper times and in the most time-honored way in the holiest place in the world. All in accordance with the directives and guidelines of Israel’s Health Ministry.

We are happy to waive donation fees and begin reciting Kaddish right away. Please complete this form and let us do what families do: support each other in difficult times.

You can learn more about the Aish Kaddish program at

Watch the video below to explore the meaning of Kaddish.

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